4 months ago

New homes burn faster, but states resist sprinklers

NEW YORK (Reuters) - In Scottsdale, Arizona, any new home must come equipped with fire sprinklers, a decades-old rule lauded by fire safety advocates nationwide. But 12 miles away in Phoenix, city officials are not even allowed to discuss adopting read more...

4 months ago

Gas Fire Pit | HubPages

Introduction: Why a fire pit?

With all there is to do outside, why focus on a fire pit, gas or otherwise? For one, you probably want to enhance your outdoor experiences with atmospherics. For another reason, you definitely want to control y read more...

4 months ago

How to landscape for fire safety

It's been a doozy of a wildfire season (Colorado's most destructive ever), leaving homeowners wondering what safety measures they can put in place to stave off flames in the event of a fire in their Next